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Personal details

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Professional skills

Project management field work and reporting, feasibility studies and long term R&D projects
Team work agile methods, associative implication
Training courses and trainings (for master degree levels), speaker
Innovation technological and patent watch, transfer, research tax credit
Trilingual and multicultural French (native language), English and Japanese (in immersion)

Work experience

2017-18 Tech-lead – editorial content provider team (Ouest-France, Rennes)
8 months Refactoring of the µ-services dedicated to the pre-processing & delivery of editorial content: Springboot 2, kotlin, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL.
2017-18 IT teacher – digital and web trades (MyDigitalSchool, Rennes)
105 hours Courses & trainings for 3 modules of 35 hours each: DAO&ORM (Java), Node.js, AngularJS.
2016 Web developer – energy efficiency for smart manufacturing (Energiency, Rennes)
13 months Full-stack development, data collecting and pre/post processing: Java8, Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS.
2010 Startup developer & growth hacker – data synchronisation SaaS (Podbox, Betton)
5.7 years Team design and full-stack development, innovation partnership and promotion (IRISA, Oséo-BPI), web marketing. Java8 & Spring, MySQL, AngularJS.
2008 Developer – ad multicasting (Ubiflow, Saint-Grégoire)
2.5 years Plateform and backoffice development, in charge of multilingual ads support
2005 Modelling researcher – virtual landscapes (INRA, Rennes)
3 years Virtual landscape modelling and scenario analysis to assess the environmental impacts of agrosystems on soil and water quality (stochastic decision trees, massive dataset analysis)
2004 Modelling engineer – soil and hydrological processes (INRA, Orléans)
4 months Self-parametrization of a runoff and erosion model (Stream)
2003 Science consultant in an environmental agency (GEODIA, St-Malo)
9 months Development of impact studies of urban development plans, coordination with private and public partners
2002 Developer trainee (Institute for Resources and Environment, Vancouver, Canada)
6 months Design, development and assessment of a GIS rainfall-runoff hydrological model

Education and training

An innovative methodological approach based on mutual reflective observations to develop cooperation for building research questions in real work situations.
Mooc: Taming big data with Spark (8 weeks)
Innovation marketing & personas (4 weeks)
Reactive programming (7 weeks)
Data analysis with R (8 weeks)
PhD in environmental sciences: modelling and analysis of dynamic 3D systems, data mining (Rennes 1, 3 years)
Réflexives® – reflective training on R&D practices (1 week)
Management, human resources (1 week)
Master of science in agronomy, specialised in hydrology and geomatics (Agrocampus Rennes, 3 years)

International experience

2014 2 weeks Frankie Manning centennial and cultural visits in New York, USA
2011 3 weeks Hiking and cultural trip in New Zealand
2002 6 months Training period at Vancouver, Canada (west coast)
2001 1 month Assistant in an agronomical horticulture laboratory at Reading, United Kingdom
2001 6 months Erasmus exchange program in Iceland, employee in a restaurant in Reykjavík
1994 1 year One year scholarship in Tokyo (Japan), hosted in a native family

Computer knowledge

Skills full-stack javascript (NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS), full-stack Java (Spring, GWT), Scala, MySQL, R/S+, web design (HTML5, CSS3, A/B testing design & metrics)
Programming idioms object-oriented, functional, reactive (Akka, Reactive eXtensions)
Production softwares IDEs (IntelliJ, Eclipse), statistics (R/S+), office suites, AWS monitoring, Computer-Assisted Music production (Logic)
Operating systems Linux (home & office), Windows (98 to 7)

Extracurricular activities

Creation Music writing (guitar, piano) recording and show, co-edition of 2 DVD (edition and soundtrack)
Association Webmaster and secretary of Tous pour la Syrie (since 2012)
President of DocAIR, network of early-stage researchers of INRA and Agrocampus (1 year)
Leisure Lindy hop (swing dance), story-telling with music, unicycle
Tous pour la Syrie, a non-profit association based in Rennes (France, Brittany) dedicated to providing humanitarian help to the Syrian people and develop friendship between French and Syrian people.
Doctorants et Docteurs non-permanents d'Agrocampus-Rennes et du Centre INRA de Rennes, an association of the early-stage researchers of INRA and Agrocampus, which organizes information meetings, festivities and generally promotes the transversal skills of PhD candidates.

Research publications

Visit my research page

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