Here are some personal creations from my multimedia landscape! I started writing and playing music when I was in Japan in 1994 (at my school's music club), and never stopped since.

Music has been a very intimate area for me, expressing a large panel of personal feelings and inner atmospheres, until I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on documentaries (Sean White's Never ending thermal, 2003 on paragliding, FFM's Unicycle French Cup, Dinan 2004, order the DivX for free) and video DVD (Nicomaque's Forum Docteurs & Entreprises, 2006). These experiences implied a new dimension in my writing, where music served as a support for dynamic video emotions.

Guitar trio

All the multimedia materials available here are broadcast under CreativeCommons by-sa France 2.0. license. Enjoy, share and integrate freely my creations in yours as a long as you quote the paternity and distribute your creations under the same license.

Heartificial life beats

"Heartificial life beats" is more an evolving compilation of self-written music than a definitive album. Use the playlist on the right to stroll in my musical landscape (which is mostly instrumental). It combines both standalone pieces and tracks recorded for multimedia projects.

I played and recorded all the guitar tracks, most of the bass tracks, and did the arrangements on keyboards:

  • Printemps is a 'classically orchestrated' track I initially wrote for a short movie. It depicts the warmth of a spring sun coming out from winter, and the fantasy of a lively waking up
  • Discussion was written for the same short movie, to a emphasize a surrealist talk between a lunatic and an anxious characters
  • Electrial is a highly vitaminated track which illustrated a technical trial session of crazy unicyclists, used in 2004's Unicycle French Cup
  • Wide wise wet was written for and used in the CEDRE Brainstorm documentary on Nicomaque's Forum DVD. Its round and deep soundscape emphasizes the marine atmosphere of the documentary
  • Playsage is a progressive instrumental song, which was used for the ending credits section of Nicomaque's Forum DVD (bass guitar: Sébastien Kerbrat)
  • Amusette is a gentle waltz, in the spirit of Yann Tiersen's harmonies and sonorities, used in Sean White's Never ending thermal DVD
  • Dany is an original soundtrack-like tune in the spirit of the melodies that Dany Elfman often wrote for Tim Burton movies. The young boy wakes up in a fantastic world that scares him at first, but soon he gets fascinated by the small creatures that lives in it. Finally caught in a storm, the boy is sadly brought back home
  • Sportive is another vitaminated track, with some oriental harmonies, used in Sean White's Never ending thermal DVD
  • Hop'n wish is an oniric blues I wrote for the soundtrack of the 2012 wishes to my Hop'n swing mates
  • Blank (he)art blends oriental harmonies with pop and bluesy tunes to propose a(n inner?) journey leaving blankness for an optimistic musical scenery

Do not hesitate to give me some comments about these tracks. Feel free to use them, according to the terms of the CreativeCommons by-sa France 2.0. license.

Animations and videos

Hop'n wish

I designed this slideshow to express my best wishes for 2012 to my swingmates of Hop'n swing, an association based in Rennes which promotes the Lindy hop swing dance. Join us for fun lessons and crazy parties!

Check the player to enjoy the Hop'n wish soundtrack

Forum Docteurs & Entreprises 2006

The following animations and video clips were produced for the DVD of Nicomaque's Forum Docteurs & Entreprises, 2006. Nicomaque is the network of early-stage researcher associations of Rennes (Brittany, France). The DVD features documentaries about the conferences which took place during this great event that gathered almost 300 researchers and private companies. These videos are hosted on my YouTube webpage.

The first video is the teaser designed to sign multimedia creations produced by Nicomaque. The next two videos are short documentaries about the Brainstorm project, where early-stage researchers demonstrated their flexibility by quickly focusing on new problems experienced by some industrials, and their ability to design new solutions, thanks to management and transversal skills.

Nicomaque teaser

This animation serves as a teaser for the DVD of the Forum. Alban Cornillet produced the graphics while I wrote the music. The animation was produced with Art Of Illusion, an opensource 3D modeling and rendering studio.

If you are interested by the textures and the motion, feel free to download and use the source file of Nicomaque teaser (CreativeCommons by-sa France 2.0, Alban Cornillet).

CEDRE Brainstorm clip

This clip is a short documentary about a collaboration between a small group of early-stage researchers and the CEDRE (a professional structure experimenting and documenting on accidental water pollution). Some photos were provided by CEDRE and CANCA (CreativeCommons by-sa France 2.0).

I wrote the text and the music on purpose of this clip, as well as the two 3D animations of a sinking and rising oil spill, which appear at 13s and 41s (also produced with Art Of Illusion).

If you are interested by the textures and the motion, feel free to download and use the source file of the oil spill animation (CreativeCommons by-sa France 2.0, Luc Sorel).

GeneSystems Brainstorm clip

This clip is a short documentary about a collaboration between a small group of early-stage researchers and GeneSystems (a French biotechnology company positioned on the molecular diagnostics markets).

Some photos were provided by Luigi Anzivino, Glenn and GeneSystems under CreativeCommons by-sa. Alban Cornillet wrote the text and I wrote the music of this clip.

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